Mechanic changing tyre on vehicle

Your Tyres, Your Choice, Our Expertise

At Budget Tyres, you get to choose the tyres that best suit your needs. Bring your own tyres, and let our skilled technicians handle the rest with our stripping and fitting services.

Supply Your Own Tyres:

Freedom of Choice
Whether you've found the perfect set online or have a preferred brand in mind, we welcome you to bring your own tyres. Your choice, your budget, and our expertise come together for a seamless tyre service experience.

Stripping and Fitting Services:

Our technicians are equipped with the skills and tools needed for precise tire stripping and fitting. From removing the old tyres to expertly installing the new ones, we ensure the process is done efficiently, maintaining the integrity of your rims and the safety of your vehicle.


Drive on in – no booking necessary.
We strip and fit your tyres while you wait.
Our pricing includes putting the wheels back on your car.