Tyre Disposal

You can be sure Budget Tyres disposes of their casings correctly and doesn’t just dump them to land-fill.

At Budget Tyres, we are very concerned that the end-of-life of our tyres are disposed with correctly to lessen the harm to our back yard and environment. This is why our prices include tyre disposal – the fee to dispose of your old tyres. We want to ensure the consumer is more comfortable to leave them with us and doesn’t want to save a dollar by dumping them on the side of the road.

The team at Waste Management are contracted to collect our casings and transports them to Wiri where they are processed into tyre chips for use as high-energy tyre derived fuel (TDF). End-of-life tyres are transported to their tyre recycling plant and processed to create tyre chips which can be used for the manufacturing of TDF and other tyre applications.