Tyres. They’ve done their job. Now let’s do ours.

Tyrewise is Aotearoa New Zealand’s regulated product stewardship scheme for end-of-life tyres.

Together, we are kaitiaki, helping to minimise environmental harm from the 6.5 million tyres that reach the end of their life across the motu each year.

Tyrewise operates under the Waste Minimisation (Tyres) Regulations 2023. Instead of ad hoc disposal it sets out tyre stewardship fees that will be used to manage the collection and processing of end-of-life tyres, as well as incentivising innovative end uses in the domestic market.

What Tyrewise means for you

From 1 March 2024 you will be charged the tyre stewardship fee for each new tyre that you purchase. This fee will be transparently disclosed on your receipt when you purchase new tyres.

The stewardship fee (tariff) is charged for each tyre that you are purchasing and covers its end life. It is not charged for the tyre that is being taken off and disposed.

The tariff is allocated to tyres by 9.5kg weight.

For more information visit www.tyrewise.co.nz