Wheel alignment bookings are made with our onsite Mechanic.

We have made it even easier to book your wheel alignment with our online system.

Wheel Alignment Pricing
  • Standard 2WD car $69.00
  • AWD cars, all utes and SUV’s $79.00
  • European cars $99.00
  • AWD European cars $119.00
  • Modified vehicles P.O.A
  • And when you purchase a set of 4 tyres, we want your tyres set up for their best life.  That’s why we offer your half price wheel alignment

Reduce tyre wear, improve safety, use less fuel

Does your car pull to one side or does your steering wheel vibrate?  Are you tyres worn out unevenly?  Incorrect wheel alignment is the leading cause of premature tyre wear costing you money and compromising your safety on the road.

Get your wheel alignment checked to correct toe, camber and caster issues:
  • Whenever you replace your tyres
  • Every 6 months of 10,000 kms
  • After steering or suspension repairs
  • After accident repairs

Not sure if your vehicle could benefit from a wheel alignment?  Just ask one of our friendly team today.


Please complete this form, and we will contact you to confirm your booking. If you need to book in today please call (07) 847 3885 and we will book you in as soon as we can.


Wheel Alignment Times
Half hourly – on the hour and half hour
Mon to Friday – 1st booking 7.30am, last booking 4.30pm
Saturday – 1st booking 8.00am, last booking 1.30pm


If you need any tyre work performed, please arrive at least 45 minutes before your wheel alignment appointment.